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Cooperation between CCB Zurich Branch and Vontobel
Published time: 2018-11-12

On 25th October, CCB Zurich Branch and Vontobel Bank held a signing ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the “One Belt, One Road” Financial Products Cooperation in Zurich. Chinese Ambassador Mr. Wenbing Geng, CCB Vice President Lilin Zhang, and Vontobel Chairman Herbert J. Scheidt attended the ceremony and witnessed the signing process. Weiyun Gong General Manager of CCB Zurich Branchand Roger Studer, the Head of Investment Banking Department of Vontobel signed the MoU.

In the speech, Ambassador Wenbing Geng stated that China welcomes the increased participation of Switzerland in the construction of the “Belt and Road”. The signing of the MoU served as a new starting point for financial cooperation between China and Switzerland. Mr. Herbert J. Scheidt, Chairman of Vontobel, reviewed the cooperation between Vontobel and CCB Zurich Branch, and showed the willingness in strengthening the cooperation with CCB. Mr. Lilin Zhang, CCB Vice President, expressed gratitude to the Chinese Embassy and Vontobel for their support. He stressed that CCB has always been an active promoter and important participant of the “Belt and Road Initiative” and will make continuous contribution.

In the future, product structure and investment strategy will be further refined, and the products will be launched soon.

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